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10 Everyday Products That May Still Contains Asbestos

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As early as the 1930s and 1940s, doctors validated that asbestos was triggering severe health problems amongst manufacturing facility workers that handled the heat-resistant mineral. Yet that did not stop companies from continuing to use the product in building construction and home things.

Up till the late-1970s, asbestos was used in items to help you prepare your food, get ready in the morning and also even expand the plants in your yard. However it wasn’t up until 1989 that the EPA banned asbestos and created a timeline for phasing it out. In 1991 that restriction was overturned by a government appeals court in New Orleans, making the material lawful in limited uses today. Although regulations pertaining to asbestos use are much tighter today than they were 40 or 50 years ago, the harmful material may still remain in your home.

All forms of asbestos can create major illnesses like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and also ovarian, lung, or laryngeal cancers, though they might take decades after direct exposure to develop. If you do discover things in your home that you believe may be contaminated, don’t try to remove them by yourself. Make certain to have a licensed specialist get rid of the asbestos for you. Searching “asbestos removal” on a search engine should offer you local results.

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One unanticipated methods of asbestos exposure was through hairdryer. Hand-held hair dryers were once blowing asbestos fibres to users. Up up until the early 1980s, home hairdryers consisting of the hood-style found in beauty salons were polluted with hazardous asbestos.

Asbestos is mainly located in the internal burner and a string of pure chrysotile asbestos is utilized. At one factor, there had been 5 million asbestos polluted hair dryers in flow. Great to recognize, a 1979 research study by United States Customer Product Safety Commission, that uncovered asbestos contamination, pushed producers to stop the manufacturing as well as recall such hair drying devices. Nonetheless, just 3 out of 18 units were recovered. And according to, there are residues of asbestos-insulated hair dryers that were still in use up to the year 2006.


While it might appear that books are safe and also safe, some publications really present the hazard of asbestos contamination, specifically those that are bounded with products which contain asbestos. One fine example is Ray Bradbury’s limited edition “Fahrenheit 451” as well as Stephen King’s “Firestarter” which are both bounded in silvery asbestos material.

Garments and Overalls

Prior to the spreading of war making use of dangerous asbestos material, asbestos fibers were once utilized to make clothes, fire-resistant blankets and also safety coats of fire fighters. Due to the fact that it contains slim fibres that can be woven, as well as a result of its residential or commercial properties that could stand up to warmth, chemical and electrical present, the material became the very best candidate for the overalls of individuals working in mining, building, pipes and production industry.

Asbestos garment does not only risk the lives of its users, yet additionally the people that clean and also scrub it in the washing. In one documented case the daddy, mom, as well as child died of mesothelioma cancer due to the asbestos overalls of the papa that’s as supervisor in a construction website.

Asbestos Flooring

One popular type of flooring used in structures developed until the 1980s is plastic sheet. While the vinyl sheet flooring is itself devoid of asbestos, the back is at times cushioned with felt-like support that contains 80-100% friable asbestos! When it gets splits, folds and also additional damage, friable asbestos may come to be air-borne, therefore jeopardize the health of the people inside the structure. Even vinyl tiles that are glued directly to the flooring without backing may contain 8% to 30% of asbestos, and also that the adhesive used to bond the tiles on the flooring might also be asbestos contaminated.

Bowling Balls

While not a thing discovered in most houses, bowling alleys are common sufficient to put a bulk of us in jeopardy of asbestos exposure. According to, bowling spheres were traditionally made from fibreglass as well as asbestos. Therefore, employees that drill openings right into this item would certainly breathe in asbestos fibers. And also there’s no guarantee that bowling balls are devoid of asbestos when it reached the racks in bowling alleys.

Crockery Pots

Crockery pots made before the mid-1970s consisted of asbestos, both as an insulator discovered in the cellular lining between the internal and also external pots and around the power cable to help stop electrical fires. As a result of its outstanding insulation abilities, crocidolite asbestos (additionally referred to as blue asbestos), was likely utilized as the insulation for the cords, mostly because the products would be plugged in for extended periods of time.

Home Equipments

Asbestos had not been simply in the kitchen. You could discover asbestos-laden items all over your house, consisting of hair dryers, ironing board covers and also snacks poppers. In the case of hair clothes dryers, the Customer Item Safety Payment called a few of the most significant hair dryer manufacturers with each other to get those including asbestos off racks and out of houses. Regrettably, a voluntary recall in 1979 just recovered a fraction of the 18 million affected dryers offered.


In 2015, CNN reported that asbestos was found in a number of boxes of pastels and also 2 toy criminal offense laboratory kits tested by a laboratory hired by the Environmental Working Team (EWG) Action Fund. In each situation, the toys were created in China and imported to the US. This had not been the very first time the mineral has been found in these playthings. Similar tests in 2000 located traces of asbestos in pastels, and a 2007 examination by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization located the substance in plaything fingerprint test sets.

Vermiculite Insulation (Zonolite).

Vermiculite is a lightweight and also fire-resistant mineral that can broaden in between 8-30 times its size when exposed to high warmth. Therefore, it found its way right into attics, walls as well as various other protected locations. However, from 1919-1990, about 70 percent of the vermiculite marketed in the U.S. was extracted near Libby, MT, and was polluted with asbestos. If you have vermiculite insulation in your house (typically sold by the trademark name Zonolite), you can assume asbestos exists too.

Potting Soil.

Vermiculite located in potting dirt is great for plants due to the fact that it absorbs water and helps retain dampness. It’s also inert, which helps safeguard seed startings from fungi and various other killers. The trouble is that the vermiculite used in some dirts was also mined in Libby, MT, where asbestos contamination occurred. Today’s vermiculite is much safer to make use of, though some gardeners currently likewise utilize perlite, which has much of the exact same qualities yet preserves air and supplies better drainage.

Asbestos has actually largely been removed from our daily lives in favor of much more secure choices, though the mineral has actually still not been outlawed in the U.S. Keeping that claimed, you might not need to look as hard as you think to find an asbestos-containing product in your home, as well as maybe also discover it in something you use every day.

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